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Professional Photography Services for Peabody Students

Schedule Professional Photo Shoots at Peabody and Homewood

All musicians need outstanding photos to advance their careers. Peabody Career Services partners with Homewood Photography to provide comprehensive services to Peabody students at discounted rates. Award-winning Homewood photographer Will Kirk collaborates with Peabody students and can create studio photos, action shots, and much more.

Rates for photo sessions are $120/hour and can be shared by more than one student (e.g., two students could have sessions of 30 minutes each, paying $60 apiece). That hourly rate applies whether you visit the Homewood Photo Studios or Will comes to Peabody to photograph you. After a session, you keep all photos and receive several 8×10 prints at no additional charge. Visit the Homewood Photography website to learn more, email Will at photokirk@jhu.eduor call 410-516-5332.

The Homewood photo studio is located in Room N-704 of the Wyman Park Building, 3100 Wyman Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21211. Homewood Campus Map.

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