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Monica Lopez-Gonzalez is a multilingual English-French-Spanish-Italian-speaking cognitive scientist, educator, entrepreneur, multidisciplinary artist, and speaker. A firm believer in the intrinsic link between art and science, she is the co-founder and chief science and art officer at La Petite Noiseuse Productions.​

Her company’s work uniquely merges questions, methods, data, and theory from the visual, literary, musical and performing arts with the cognitive, brain, behavioral, health and data sciences. Lopez-Gonzalez’s recognition as a “particularly imaginative polymath” by the Imagination Institute of the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center and her appearances as a rising public intellectual positions her as a leading figure in building bridges across sectors and cultures. She has also most recently been a current fellow and distinguished guest and speaker at the Salzburg Global Seminar in Salzburg, Austria.

Passionate about answering the biggest questions on human behavior and cognition like creative thinking and doing, Lopez-Gonzalez created a novel R&D platform to empirically investigate how we seamlessly adapt to multisensory, multi-agent environments. Such a platform has led to innovative theoretical insights, presentations, and publications detailing the original theoretical paradigm, analyses, results obtained, and valuable applications to areas in healthcare, autonomous systems, data compression, education, entertainment, and leadership. This original evidence-based work forms the foundation of her company’s services with profit and non-profit organizations and individual clients.

Prior to co-founding her company, Lopez-Gonzalez worked in the biotech industry as director of business development. She is the executive director of business development at Novodux and applies her business, scientific, and artistic acumen to digital challenges in healthcare and beyond. She has also simultaneously produced work as an accomplished artist since 2007 and exhibited her film photographs throughout Maryland and New York in both solo and group shows and premiered several films in various national festivals.

Staunchly advocating for experiential, multidisciplinary, and multicultural learning, Lopez-Gonzalez has pioneered since 2009 a range of unique and popular STEAMM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, medicine) courses for precollege to postgraduate students as faculty at Johns Hopkins University, Peabody Institute, and Maryland Institute College of Art.

A leading proponent of integrative science-art research, application, communication, and engagement within the scientific community, Lopez-Gonzalez has been a program committee member since 2015 for IS&T’s international Human Vision & Electronic Imaging conference and was the founding co-chair of its ‘Art & Perception’ session. A leading proponent of integrative art-science development, communication, and promotion within the arts and culture community, Lopez-Gonzalez was recently appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance.

Lopez-Gonzalez is a sought-after plenary and keynote speaker, panelist, consultant, adviser, and guest in various local, national, and international venues. Her work has been presented and published in a range of formats for various audiences –e.g. scientific papers, articles, abstracts, reports, posters, op-eds, presentations, workshops, novels, plays, videos, photographs, news/press releases, radio, TV. Lopez-Gonzalez earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and French, and a Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Cognitive Science, all from Johns Hopkins University, a Certificate of Art in Photography from Maryland Institute College of Art, and completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

For speaking engagements and services, please contact Lopez-Gonzalez.