I’m committed to favor the things I get excited by.
I now learn to get excited by things that I originally didn’t find exciting.
I try to believe in discipline yet learn about yielding.
I’m hard on myself and the people around me, i know that, but it’s because I trust endless research and admire sensitivity.
I was born in a country of conflict and I moved to a country that avoids conflict -now I’m looking for new habits.
It seems I’m always on the search for a new habitat. I want to meet as many people as I can through dance, but otherwise I really don’t try enough when it comes to living among humans.
I feel extremely emotional about animals and nature. I am still learning about relationships and codependency- when I say I’m still learning, I mean to declare that I’m a beginner.
There are few people out there that deserve my apology. There are few people out there that owe me an apology. I’m not so young anymore but not too confident either.
I am a master of crashing hard and all the way down.
I feel high very often- no substance taken.
I am not sure about having kids.
I have a photographic memory.
I’m shy and I can’t shut up.
I’m lazy but never manage to be careless.
I got a nice resume I promise you and I truly love what I do.
What i do is meaningless without the humans that do it with me.