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Contact with the arts in clinical environments has been shown to improve quality of life, aid retention, and decrease stress among medical professionals as well as patients. Moreover, approximately 70 percent of medical students and doctors have high-level music training in their past. In hospital systems throughout the country (most notably in Boston and New York), physician-musicians have founded orchestras, chamber music groups, and choruses for personal enjoyment; the development of professional skills in listening, empathy, and teamwork; and for outreach to their communities.

The Peabody Institute and Johns Hopkins Medicine have formed an extensive partnership to co-create site-specific arts programs in high-stress clinical environments, using the power of music, dance, and art to reduce stress, alleviate pain, promote wellness, and improve the experience of patients and healthcare providers within the hospital.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, in-person programs (including bedside music, lobby music and concert performances) have been redesigned for virtual delivery. Peabody has created and curated additional performing arts resources for faculty, staff, and patients relevant to current challenges and needs, leveraging the healing power of the arts to provide relaxation, entertainment, and respite in unprecedented and stressful circumstances. The work of Peabody artists is informed by close collaboration with Johns Hopkins Hospital and Office of Well-Being partners, reflecting best practices in incorporating the arts to support wellbeing. Peabody artists are honored to serve on the inter-professional care team supporting Johns Hopkins Medicine employees.

Advisors for the development of Johns Hopkins Arts-in-Health projects include Moisès Fernández Via of Boston Medical Center’s Arts | Lab as well as music therapist Kerry Devlin. Partners at Johns Hopkins Medicine include the adult PFACs, the offices of Patient Relations and Patient Experience, Faculty Experience in the department of Radiology, Child Life, Healthy Community Partnership, Medicine for the Greater Good, Alliance for a Healthier World, Office of Cultural Affairs, Arts + Mind Lab, and the Center for Music and Medicine.

Sound Rounds at Johns Hopkins

Peabody's Sound Rounds (previously Musicians on Call) program brings musical services to select locations in Johns Hopkins Hospital where patients experience long-term stays (currently, Maternity Inpatient and Comprehensive Transplant). Patients may select "A Visit with a Peabody Institute Musician" from their Comfort Menu. Musicians provide services through scheduled visits, drop-in room visits, and impromptu "concerts" in hallways, waiting rooms and family visiting rooms.