Find the JHRN Clinic for Performing Artists

The Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network Clinic for Performing Artists at the Peabody Institute leverages the expertise of Peabody musicians alongside Johns Hopkins Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctors and therapists, Johns Hopkins Medicine’s neurologists, and specialists from the Johns Hopkins Voice Center to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for performance-related injuries and conditions.

The JHRN Clinic for Performing Artists offers specialized services for performing artists experiencing pain or injury including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and hand therapy. We offer free advisement sessions and in-person appointments for students and faculty on campus.

Most insurances do not require a referral for students to be evaluated at the clinic. However, some insurances may require a referral. Students whose insurance requires a referral may seek an evaluation at the Student Health and Wellness Center or through their primary care physician to obtain a referral. For those students on the student health insurance, the deductible will be reduced from $150 to $75 if they have first been evaluated at the Student Health and Wellness Center and referred to the JHRN Clinic. Parental consent will be required for students under age 18 to receive treatment.

Cost of Services
Services at the Peabody Clinic will be billed to the patient’s health insurance. The cost to the patient will depend on their health insurance coverage. Please see the healthcare FAQ for students for more details. Students who want to be seen at the Peabody Clinic are encouraged to call their health insurance company and ask what their physical therapy and occupational therapy benefits cover.

To make an appointment for physical or occupational therapy
To make an appointment for physical therapy or occupational therapy, call the scheduling line at 443-997-5476. Alternately you may contact Charlene Kemp at 410-583-2664. If you are having difficulty making an appointment or have questions, email Andrea Lasner, the clinic manager, at

If you are unsure whether you need a physical therapy or occupational therapy evaluation and/or treatment, Peabody students, faculty, and staff may request an advisement session for a virtual appointment or a walk in during open clinic hours on campus. An advisement session is a brief conversation to facilitate the navigation of care options based on the student or faculty member’s complaint or injury. Medical intervention will not be provided during this appointment.

Information about how to request an appointment for vocal evaluation.

Information about mental health services.

Information about how to request an appointment for hearing health evaluation.

Alternative treatment modalities
Peabody values a holistic perspective on the health and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff. Check back here for a link to resources for alternative treatment modalities and targeted fitness activities online and in Baltimore. Currently, online courses in Alexander Technique and Pilates are available to enrolled students.