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Over the past five years, the Peabody Institute has been repositioning itself within the world of music conservatories, its home community of Baltimore, and within the multi-faceted framework of the renowned Johns Hopkins University, with which it has been affiliated since the late 1970s. Peabody has embarked on a stimulating period of growth, focused on excellence, innovation, and leading the way in adapting to the changes in the American and international classical music landscape.


Today, Peabody is building on its rich history of professional music training at the highest level and has developed a vision for the role of the 21st century artist in our society and the training required for musicians and dancers to meet the new realities and opportunities of their role. Peabody’s history, tradition, and pedigree, coupled with its forward looking view and commitment to challenge traditional assumptions, allow it to take on the real work of what it means to prepare artists for a world that is constantly changing.  Peabody’s vision for the future connects directly to its founding 160 years ago as a cultural center for the region that celebrated the role of music, art, letters, and discourse.

Five Pillars

To take this vision of marrying the old with the new, and to ensure that Peabody and Johns Hopkins University leverage their competitive advantage, Peabody’s leadership has cast fresh eyes on its potential for even more profound levels of achievement through development of its strategic Breakthrough Plan and the plan’s Five Pillars:  ExcellenceInterdisciplinary ExperiencesInnovation, Community Connectivity, and Diversity.