Compose on the Clock Event FAQ

When is Compose on the Clock? 

Composing begins on Friday, October 7th at 6pm and ends on Saturday, October 8th at 6pm. A concert of all the works composed during the event will take place at Arthur Friedheim Library on Saturday, October 8th at 8pm.  

Can my friends and I register as a group? 

This year, only individuals are eligible to register. Groups will be randomly formed to ensure that every registrant will have a colleague to participate with. We invite everyone to register with an open mind, ready to collaborate with teammates from different disciplines who work in different genres of music and dance.  

Can I register and work alone to compose and present a new work? 

No. All attendees must work with their assigned group. Our goal is to create opportunities for collaboration between those who identify as composers and performers. We encourage everyone to come ready to work together to contribute ideas to realize a new work. We encourage collaborations between computer musicians, jazz performers, dancers, western classical musicians, and composers of all genres.  

What kind of projects can we create? 

New works can be created to be performed live acoustically, presented electronically, or a mixture of both. If you would like specific kinds of sound reinforcement or technology to be available, please indicate what you’d like to experiment with in the registration form.  Works should be 3-8 minutes in performance length.

Can we start work before Friday, October 7th at 6pm? 

No. All music must be composed and prepared for performance during the 24-hour festival time period. Your new work must also incorporate your group’s assigned theme. Group assignments will be announced at the kick-off and themes will then be selected.   

Do I have to be there the entire 24 hours? 

Registrants do not need to be on site at AFL for the entire 24 hours of the event. During the 24-hour time period, AFL will be available for you to investigate the performance space, use computing resources, and experiment with additional audio visual/recording equipment to incorporate into your work. However, AFL will close at 10pm on Friday to the general public and re-open at 8am on Saturday. During that time, registrants will need to call 667-208-6655 to gain access to space.  

Do I have to arrive right at 6pm to participate? 

Kick-off will happen at 6pm. All registrants must be checked in by 8pm on Friday, October 7th to be eligible to participate in the concert. Please be considerate of your assigned group members and try to arrive on time. 

Will there be a/v, recording equipment, or computing resources available for groups to work with? 

Groups will have access to all AFL computing resources on site for the duration of the event. A limited number of recording and audio/visual resources will also be available. If you have specific items you’d like to experiment with (green screens, projectors, etc.), please indicate that on your registration form to ensure availability 

How are projects submitted? 

All projects will be submitted to AFL via an online form by 6pm on Saturday, October 8th. Submissions should include a score, required equipment for the performance, and a brief description of the piece. Groups who do not submit their work by the deadline will not be eligible to perform in the concert. 

Can I bring my own food and drink? 

Yes. AFL will also provide boxed grab and go dinner and brunch to all registered participants. All food and drink must be consumed in accordance with current campus guidelines 

What are the masking requirements for the event? 

All aspects of this event will conform to current JHU Campus policies on COVID safety.  All registrants and performance attendees are required to adhere to all masking, distancing, and food safety policies.  

I have a question that wasn’t answered?

Please send any additional questions to [email protected]