The Peabody Institute strives to be a model of an inclusive and equitable performing arts institution by acknowledging, embracing, and engaging diverse identities, perspectives, traditions, and experiences. By making diversity one of the five central pillars of our strategic Breakthrough Plan, Peabody has defined for itself a goal of leading change across an industry that, for too long, has been unwelcoming, exclusionary, and resistant to change. Indeed, those same words could describe Peabody for much of its history.

Peabody seeks to reflect and respond to the unique and changing needs of today’s environment to ensure that all members of our community know with certainty that they belong here. As Peabody Dean Fred Bronstein has emphasized, our focus on creating an ethos of mutual respect and civility – on our campus and across the performing arts industry – requires immediate action. “The need for our field to diversify our administrations, performing rosters, board members, audiences, and more, is urgent,” he wrote in a recent message to the community. “For too long our field has approached this issue as peripheral.”

We must change the face of our faculty and students to reflect the diverse world in which our graduates will operate. If every conservatory makes a long-term commitment to do this work, we can change the face of our field.”

Fred Bronstein

Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University ‘23

The Peabody Institute Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ADEI) Steering Committee was established in fall 2020 to bring new rigor and heightened visibility to this work, building on the progress made through a number of existing and ongoing initiatives and programs. Recognizing that diversity has many aspects, the committee’s first action step was to create a strategic framework within which Peabody can continue to advance and expand its ADEI efforts. We move forward in five key areas:

  • Vision and Strategy
    Advance a transparent and strategic ADEI action plan with a clear vision focused on (a) the development of resources (human, financial, and programmatic), (b) assessment and accountability, (c) inclusive practices to prevent inequity, and (d) building cultural awareness. 
  • Program and Curriculum
    Thoroughly integrate a broader and culturally responsive set of musical experiences, styles, and pedagogies into the curriculum, including concert hall programming and other public events.
  • Policy and Practice
    Review and recommend revisions to Peabody’s primary policies, practices, and procedures in alignment with ADEI vision.
  • Climate and Community
    Build cultural awareness, understanding, and a climate of respect across Institute.
  • Resources and Funding
    Identify and seek the financial resources needed to advance Peabody’s ADEI vision and strategic action plan. Commit to support for ADEI in our institutional budget and provide accounting for how the funds are spent.

There is much to be done and Peabody’s ADEI Steering Committee has undertaken this work with a commitment to transparency, accountability, and action. Please see the committee’s newsletter and highlights of our institutional work in advancing ADEI for more details.