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From Colonial Times through the mid-20th Century

Maryland's diverse geography, economy, and English settlement in 1634 begat a rich music history. David K. Hildebrand, Peabody Conservatory Lecturer in Musicology, will lead you through tracing musical evolution from the great tobacco plantations of the Chesapeake Bay, with their co-mingled African and British music, through the emergence and flourishing of Baltimore into a center of publishing, concerts, opera, church music, instrument-building and music teaching.  Following the establishment of Peabody in 1859, you'll continue into the Jazz age while examining the critical roles played by technological developments such as radio and commercial recording.  Throughout these sessions you'll be challenged to look beyond "classical" trends, also examining rich folk traditions and popular/commercial developments. Each of the five sessions will allow for interaction and question-driven discussion.

Online Online, , MD
1:30 pm Wednesday, September 23 FREE