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Student Event: Jazz Composers Forum

Student Event: Jazz Composers Forum

Hitt’n With The Youngins is an exciting new addition to The Jazz Composers Forum that provides young composers with an opportunity to perform their original compositions alongside the pros. This performance will feature student composers and acclaimed musicians from the Peabody Jazz faculty. The Jazz Composers Forum has partnered with An die Musik Live to bring together education, creation, and performance to the music community in Baltimore and the DMV. This unique forum offers students the ability to showcase compositional techniques and collaboration, all inside an intimate venue where many of Jazz’s greats have performed. Audiences have the opportunity to listen in on the creative processes of many of the most promising young artists today. An die Musik Live hosts the Jazz Composers Forum in efforts to give the next generation of jazz informed musicians a creative and performance outlet like never before.

The Lineup:

Coby Siegel Quartet: (guitar, alto sax, piano, bass) – featuring Warren Wolf on drums & vibes

Charlie Powell Trio:  (guitar, drums & bass) – featuring Fran Vielma on hand percussion

Thomas Schinabeck Quintet: (alto sax, guitar, piano, bass, drums, dancer) – featuring Sean Jones on trumpet

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Student Event: Jazz Composers Forum

Thu Mar 16
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
An Die Musik Live