Audition and/or interview times can be found in your invitation letter via the application status portal. Be at your assigned audition or interview location at least 10-15 minutes in advance of your audition. You may be asked to shift your audition time if the auditions are running early or late. Early arrival will be especially important if your audition occurs late in the day. Applicants may arrive on campus no more than 2 hours prior to their first scheduled audition/interview.

We have asked you to prepare much more music than can be performed in the time allotted for your audition, so expect the faculty to ask for excerpts from your audition repertoire. Each faculty member will evaluate your acceptability to the school, as well as to their teaching studios. Taken together, this will be the primary data used for decisions, teacher assignments, and the awarding of performance scholarships.

Volunteers will be roaming campus to help applicants find their way. Depending on the instrument area and degree level, audition time slots average about 10 minutes and are scheduled back to back.  Faculty do their best to stay on schedule, however unforeseen delays are known to occur. For that reason we do not recommend planning travel without accounting for possible audition delays.

As a reminder audition repertoire can be found on our website. For updates to the repertoire listed on your application portal please email us with your request [email protected].


Baltimore has its share of difficult weather, but auditions go on regardless—even if The Johns Hopkins University is closed. For confirmation, visit Peabody’s website or Johns Hopkins University’s website. Any special weather announcements will be there. If you want to plan ahead, there are some things you can do if the very thought of snow gives you hives. 

Plan to travel to Peabody the day before your audition. Early arrival will allow time for delays and also give you a chance to get some rest and some practice before starting with your activities. If you are planning to drive here, especially from within the northeast corridor, check out the Amtrak schedule as a back-up. The trains are pretty reliable in bad weather, and we are only a short distance from the train station. In all cases, get here as soon as you can. Even if you miss your audition time, we can usually work you in.