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Musicology Colloquia run in the Fall and Spring semesters. These talks are free and open to the public.

All talks in Spring 2021 will be held online via Zoom. Talks start at 5:30 pm ET.

Zoom URL:
Meeting ID: 998 4503 2915
Passcode: 780901

Please join us on the following dates this Spring (2021):


Tamara Levitz
University of California, Los Angeles

Title: Franz Boas's Settler Colonial Project and the Racialization of Ethnomusicology in the United States

Zoom Link


David Huron
The Ohio State University

Title: Musicology: The Study of Music

Zoom Link


Nina Eidsheim
University of California, Los Angeles

Title: Dismantling the Panopticon Ear

Zoom Link


Emily Wilbourne
City University of New York

Title: Giovanni Buonaccorsi (fl. 1651-1674): An enslaved Black opera singer at the Medici court

Zoom Link


Martin Daughtry
New York University

Title: Listening Beyond Sound and Life: Reflections on the Auditory Imagination

Zoom Link


Matthew F. Reese
The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University

Title: High-hearted and electric-minded: Seeing the Other and defining the Self in American music at 1900

Zoom Link