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Peabody Choral Ensembles

Edward Polochick, Director

The choral program at Peabody consists of the following two ensembles:

The Peabody Singers

The Peabody Singers are a select ensemble of roughly 40-50 members chosen mainly from, though not limited to, voice majors and those non-voice majors with excellent skills and previous choral experience. The focus is on virtuosic choral literature, both a cappella and accompanied. In addition to their own performances, the Peabody Singers also participate in performances of the Peabody-Hopkins Chorus.

The Peabody-Hopkins Chorus

The Peabody-Hopkins Chorus is a large choral ensemble consisting primarily of Peabody Institute non-orchestral majors, advancing voice majors, and students from the Homewood Campus of the Johns Hopkins University. The ensemble performs large-scale works from the standard choral-orchestral literature, usually in collaboration with the Peabody Singers and the Peabody Concert Orchestra, as well as occasional a cappella works.