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The Music Education major is designed for the gifted performer who has a special interest in sharing his or her musical expertise through teaching music in elementary or secondary schools. The aim of this progressive professional preparation program is to provide prospective teachers with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for the effective teaching of music in the 21st Century. Graduates of the program are certified to teach music PreK-12 in Maryland and in all other states with which Maryland shares reciprocity. Music Education students are students in the Conservatory. As such, they are only admitted on the basis of a successful performance audition or composition interview in addition to their Music Education interview. Music Education students receive the same attention to their musical development (applied study, music theory, music history) as students in the performance programs at Peabody and are held to the same standard of excellence.

The Music Education curriculum has specific general studies requirements as mandated by state and national accrediting agencies. To the extent that these requirements are not satisfied within the Humanities curriculum required of all Peabody undergraduates, students may choose from courses in communications, sociology, history, literature, cultural anthropology, math, and science offered at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Advanced Placement and transfer credits are subject to the procedures found under the heading Transfer Credits in the Academic Regulations section of the catalog and are accepted at the discretion of the Music Education Department.

All Music Education students are required to complete 15 weeks of intern teaching in a Maryland public school under the direction of the clinical supervisor. Intern teaching forms the capstone requirement of the curriculum, and students must meet all of the prerequisites and requirements detailed in the Handbook for Intern Teaching, which is assembled and distributed by the Music Education Department.

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The on-line application for Peabody’s Pre-K -12 certification program is through
admissions. Deadline for application submission is December 1 with interviews scheduled during audition week in February. There is an instrumental and general/vocal track. This is a part-time, non-degree program that is an MSDE approved post-Baccalaureate Pre-K-12 Music Teacher certification program. Certification students enroll in 2 semesters of coursework (part-time status/per credit at special rate) joining sophomore and juniors in the music education undergraduate degree program. This content, skill building and preparation is followed by a 3rd semester (Fall only) of full-time semester of student teaching (8 weeks elementary level and 7 weeks secondary level). The typical course schedule requires Certification students to be on campus on Monday 12-2, Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 -12:00, Wednesday. 11-3:30.

☛  How to read the grids