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To request permission to be excused from any of the ensembles listed below, students are required to submit the appropriate electronic request form. These requests are reviewed by the manager of the ensemble, who will respond by return email advising you of the status of your request. These forms are also used in case you are late to a rehearsal or have to leave a rehearsal early. Please consult the Attendance and Grading Policy for complete details on acceptable reasons for missing ensemble services, and the deadlines by which such requests must be received. You will be asked to log in with your JHED user name and password to access the forms.

Select the ensemble for which you are submitting an excuse request:

Peabody Symphony Orchestra

Peabody Chamber Orchestra

Peabody Modern Orchestra

Peabody Opera Theatre Orchestra

Peabody Studio Orchestra

Peabody Wind Ensemble

Peabody Jazz Ensemble

Peabody Latin Jazz Ensemble

Peabody-Hopkins Chorus

Peabody Singers