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The primary purpose of this policy is to state acceptable and unacceptable use of audio and video recording and live-streaming concerts and events at the Peabody Institute. This policy serves to educate the Peabody community regarding what is and is not allowed in terms of audio and video recording and live-streaming, and sets forth guidelines to which the community must adhere. As a secondary goal, this policy gives specifics on the audio and video recording and live-streaming services provided by the Institute. This policy supplements the Johns Hopkins University Copyright Policy, available at


All faculty, staff, students, parents of students, and event patrons must adhere to this policy, which applies to all Peabody Institute facilities and events.

Policy Statement

General Considerations

The Peabody Institute reserves the right to take photographs, audio recordings, and video recordings of faculty, staff, and students engaged in teaching, rehearsals, performance, and other activities at the Institute for use in Peabody publications such as catalogs, concert calendars, posters, fliers, media advertising, admissions recruitment, and development brochures, as well as on the Peabody website and social media channels and for distribution to third-party media for promotional purposes. Performances and rehearsals will only be photographed or recorded with the permission of the conductor or director in charge of the event. Peabody retains the copyright to all video and audio recordings made by the Institute of Institute concerts and events.

Performances often include copyrighted works which are protected by U.S. copyright law, and may also be subject to the rights of the performers. The right to record or copy any performance must take these rights into account, and it is the responsibility of those who make or use audio or video recordings, or who obtain such recordings made by or at the request of Peabody, to obtain all necessary permissions from the performers and from the owners of copyrights of the works performed.

The copyright to all recordings made by the Peabody Institute, unless otherwise noted, is retained by the Institute.

Allowable Use

Allowable use of any audio or video recording made at Peabody is limited.    These limitations are imposed by University policy and federal law.

  • The use of recordings of works which are under copyright protection is strictly limited.
  • Composers who make recordings of works of which they themselves are the copyright owners are generally free to exploit those recordings.
  • There are no restrictions on the sharing of audio or video recordings of works which are in the Public Domain (works for which the period of copyright protection has expired).

Restrictions on use of Copyrighted Works

Johns Hopkins University has licenses with ASCAP and BMI that give Peabody certain rights to perform a wide body of copyrighted material. The University’s license agreements with ASCAP and BMI allow Peabody to (1) publicly perform any non-dramatic works which are under copyright protection and licensed to JHU by ASCAP and BMI , and (2) live-stream those performances on JHU websites under certain conditions.

JHU’s licenses to copyrighted material, including under the ASCAP and BMI licenses, do not extend to personal, non-University related use or exploitation of copyrighted material by Peabody faculty, staff, students, or patrons. Peabody disclaims any liability for individual activity that exceeds the scope of the University’s licenses to copyrighted works, including but not limited to the posting of performance recordings on personal websites or other non-University websites.


  • Concert attendees violating these policies will be required to stop recordings and potentially be removed from events.
  • Students violating these policies will be subject to violation of student academic honor code.