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Campus Access

The Peabody Institute will grant students limited access to campus practice rooms, dance studios, and select classrooms and performance spaces for individual practicing and limited chamber music rehearsals. No other campus facilities will be available for student use, including, but not limited to faculty studios, common spaces and the Arthur Friedheim Library.

Standard Practice Rooms: 38 Total
Standard practice rooms will be scheduled at 50% capacity with a max of 19 students on campus at any time.

Exclusive Access Practice Rooms: 20 Total
Exclusive access practice rooms will be scheduled directly with the student users, with an effort to de-densify and limit the number of students on campus at the same time. Exclusive access practice rooms include: Harp (3), Percussion (6), Jazz Percussion (3) Dance Studios (3), Reed Room (1), Recording Arts Studios (3) and Harpsichord (1).

Campus Access Policy and Booking Information

To view the complete campus access policy, health and safety protocols as well as specific cleaning instructions and booking information, please click below.