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Practice Room Access

The Peabody Institute will grant students limited access to campus practice rooms and dance studios for the sole purpose of solo practice.  For the purposes of this document the term “practice room” will also refer to dance studios.  No other campus facilities will be available for student use, including, but not limited to faculty studios, classrooms or halls.  With the following guidelines, the maximum number of students on the campus at any time is 34.

Practice room availability will be blocked in ArtsVision to facilitate staggered arrival. Practice rooms will be broken into two categories as outlined below to limit the amount of practice rooms available each day. There will be no general access to campus via swipe cards. All students must enter through a single entry point, check-in with security, and receive keys for practice rooms.

All exclusive practice rooms will be scheduled in conjunction with the students and faculty to create a safe and equitable schedule.  Access to faculty studios is not permitted under this policy.

Priority on standard and piano practice rooms will be given to students who have demonstrated need for practice space on campus and/or access to specific instruments.

Standard Practice Rooms: 38 Total
Standard practice rooms will be scheduled at 50% capacity with a max of 19 students on campus at any time.

Exclusive Access Practice Rooms: 15 Total
Exclusive access practice rooms will be scheduled directly with the student users, with an effort to de-densify and limit the number of students on campus at the same time. Exclusive access practice rooms include: Harp (3), Percussion (6), Jazz Percussion (3) and Dance Studios (3).

Health and Safety

Everyone who intends to be on campus in any capacity must schedule their visit in advance through the appropriate channels and comply with the following requirements:
• Daily health check using Prodensity (see more information below)
• Use of appropriate face coverings and adherence to other health/safety guidance, including physical distancing and hand washing
• No smoking or vaping
• Students must have complete health forms on file: Please note that if you are a first year student (undergraduate or graduate), you must be in compliance with all pre-entrance health requirements before you may access campus for the purpose of practicing. If you have any questions please reach out to

In accordance with Johns Hopkins’ policy, students must always wear masks on campus grounds, including outdoor areas. Masks may only be removed by singers, dancers, wind, and brass players while practicing. Sharing practice rooms, masked or otherwise, is not permitted under any circumstances.

Students are required to wash their hands immediately before and after using a practice room.

All practice rooms will be cleaned by facilities staff once daily.

Cleaning supplies (disinfectant, towels) will be supplied in each practice room and students must wipe down instruments (pianos, percussion, etc), door handles, music stands, barres and other high touch surfaces before and after each practice session.

Prodensity App Information

Beginning August 31, 2020, Students who wish to come to campus to practice will be required to complete a daily health check on a mobile app/website called Prodensity. The short questionnaire will ask specific questions to assess your actual symptoms and exposure risks. Answers will yield a campus access status pass, which will be used to grant or deny campus access. You may not report to campus unless you have a green campus pass and have scheduled your time on campus in advance through the ArtsVision practice room reservation system. Campus Security will check your Prodensity campus pass each time you visit campus. Learn more about the Prodensity app, and enforcement of its use, on the JHU website.

Occupancy Guidelines

All practice rooms are single occupancy.

Under no circumstances will more than one person be permitted in a practice room at any time.

This includes accompanists.  Students will not be permitted to practice with accompanists in Peabody practice rooms.  Occupancy guidelines must be strictly adhered to.

Practice Room Hours and Usage

Mon-Sat              12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Sun                       Closed

There is a mandatory down time between each user to allow for proper air circulation and filtration.

All students must adhere to the following guidelines:

Users may not enter the practice room until their scheduled time.
Users must exit the practice room promptly at the end of their reservation.
Please allow time to pack up and disinfect the space at the end of your reservation so you can exit the practice room on time.
Practice rooms used by masked students (string, piano, harp, percussion, organ, etc.) require 30 minutes of down time between reservations.
Practice rooms used by unmasked users (winds, brass, voice, dance) require 60 minutes of down time between reservations.

Booking Information

Individual practice room requests are made through ArtsVision. Please see the step by step guide to submitting a practice room request.

Maximum booking time per day: 2 hours (may be split into two, one-hour reservations)
Minimum booking time per reservation: 1 hour
Practice rooms can be booked up to 7 days in advance.

Accessing Practice Rooms

All spaces will be kept locked and inaccessible with key cards.
Users must enter through the Charles St. entrance and check in at the security desk in the Mews.
Users must present a green campus pass on the Prodensity App upon arrival. Users will not be permitted access if they are unable to show a green campus pass, regardless of reservation status. 
Users will check out the key/key card from security 5 minutes before their scheduled practice time from security and must return it immediately following their practice sessions.

Priority Booking Information

Pianists will have access to a select number of priority practice rooms. All priority booking restrictions will be maintained until 2 business days in advance, after which the priority restrictions will be released, and booking is available for all majors. Percussionists, harpists and dancers will have access to a select number of exclusive practice rooms which will only be accessible to those majors.


By entering campus to practice students are committing to follow all required health and safety guidelines referenced here and those that have been mandated by Johns Hopkins University.  Should a student violate these guidelines, access to the campus practice rooms could be withdrawn.  The Peabody Institute reserves the right to refuse access for students who do not adhere to all guidelines.

Lost keys/key cards will result in a $75 fine.

Eating in a practice rooms/CD is not permitted and may result in a $50 fine.

Students will not be permitted to access any room without a reservation, regardless of room availability.

The partial reopening of campus to allow for student practice is at the discretion of the Peabody Institute and the Johns Hopkins University and in accordance with health and safety protocols set forth by Johns Hopkins University.   Access to campus could change at any time and without notice to respond to public health concerns due to changes in health and safety protocols mandated by the University or the State of Maryland.