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In an ordinary semester, students hoping to get into a class (either those actually on the waitlist in SIS or those not on the waitlist) can just show up to the first class to see where things stand vis-a-vis their chances of actually getting into the class. Of course, that will not be possible this year. Please note the following.

  • Students on the waitlist in SIS do not have access to the Blackboard site for the course in which they are waitlisted.

  • Faculty may send a separate email to any students waitlisted for a class to share the Zoom link for the first class meeting and/or a PDF copy of the syllabus. However, students will not be added to Blackboard until they are actually registered for the class.

  • Faculty will check their enrollments and add students as space becomes available. Students are well advised to monitor their enrollments regularly.

Integrity of Course Materials 

 Recording and/or distributing the materials and proceedings of lessons, classes, performances, or any other educational activity at Peabody is strictly prohibited as item 20 of Prohibited Student Conduct in the Johns Hopkins Student Conduct Process and Procedures. Recording and posting work from a class may compromise the identity and right to privacy of your student-colleagues as well as violate a professor’s intellectual property rights. 

Other Changes to the Syllabus Template

  • The heading “Attendance” has been changed to “Attendance or Engagement Policy”
  • Contact information has been updated in the Diversity and Disability Statement
  • The Academic Integrity policy links to the correct policy in the new catalog.