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AY 19-20 2-0: Degree and Diploma Programs

Degree Programs 

The Peabody Conservatory awards five degrees: 

  • The Bachelor of Music (BM) 

Performance (including Jazz Performance, Composition, Computer Music, and Music for New Media) Recording Arts, and Music Education 

  • The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Dance 
  • The Master of Music (MM) 

Performance (including Composition, Computer Music, and Conducting), Performance-Pedagogy, Music Education, Musicology, and Music Theory Pedagogy 

  • The Master of Arts (MA) in Audio Sciences:  

Acoustical Studies and Audio Engineering and Design 

  • The Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA): 

Performance (including Composition and Conducting). 

Diploma Programs 

The Peabody Conservatory also awards three diplomas which are certificates: 

  • The Performer’s Certificate (PC) 
  • The Graduate Performance Diploma (GPD) 
  • The Artist’s Diploma (AD) 

Peabody collaborates with the Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering to administer an undergraduate double-degree.  However, for the purposes of the Peabody catalog, this degree may be regarded as a modified BM or BFA degree.