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As we all continue to adjust to and manage around the impact of COVID-19, each division of the University has made adjustments to existing grading policies to meet the unusual circumstances presented this semester, based on what is appropriate for that school.

This document amends and supersedes the grading policies of the Peabody Conservatory as stated in the Academic Catalog AY 19-20 1-3.05: GRADING SYSTEM AND REGULATIONS. The amended policies apply to graduate students and undergraduates as noted below but only for the spring semester 2020.

The Pass/Fail Option

All enrollments in the spring semester 2020 will be reconfigured to be graded as pass (P) or fail (F). Courses that are marked pass/fail will not factor into a grade point average. Classes graded P will count toward graduation requirements. Classes graded F will not count toward graduation requirements.

Students may elect to have courses graded for a letter grade instead of P/F by completing a web-based form. A later email will indicate the location of the form, which must be completed by 4pm EDT on Friday, 1 May. After 1 May 2020, the grading format for courses may not be changed.

Pass/Fail Grading

  • For undergraduate students, the minimum passing grade is 60%. For undergraduate Music Theory, including Keyboard Studies and Ear-training, the minimum passing grade is 70%.
  • For graduate students, the minimum passing grade is 70%.
  • For all conservatory students, the minimum passing grade for lessons is 80%.
  • For courses graded pass/fail, Peabody makes no guarantee to preserve anything other than the grade appearing on the transcript. Students will not be able to uncover pass/fail grades in the future.
  • Pass/fail grading will not continue into the fall semester 2020. Therefore:
    • Any failed class will need to be retaken for a letter grade.
    • Any class that results in the grade of In Progress (IP) will need to be completed for a letter grade.

Satisfactory Academic Progress and Good Academic Standing

  • Students who retain pass/fail grading for all classes will not have a GPA for the spring semester 2020 and will be evaluated on the number of credits completed only.
  • Students on academic probation in spring 2020 who retain pass/fail grading for some or all classes or who do not meet individualized plans for improvement will be continued on academic probation in the fall 2020 semester with a revised academic plan.
  • Students who elect to receive letter grades will be expected to meet the benchmarks for Good Academic Standing as noted in AY 19-20 1-3.07: ACADEMIC STANDING

Other Notes on Pass/Fail

  • Academic Affairs will work with students on academic probation to make choices that are consistent with goals for improvement.
  • Students expecting reimbursement from employers, such as Howard County Public Schools, should inquire about reimbursement for classes that are graded pass/fail.
  • Students receiving outside (non-Peabody) scholarships or funding should inquire with those organizations about GPA requirements and classes that are graded pass/fail.

Ensembles and Juries

All large ensembles and chamber music will be graded pass/fail based on work and rehearsals completed before 10 March. For ensembles only, all failing grades will be recorded as NCR – No Credit Received.

Spring juries and hearings are cancelled. Enrollments for undergraduate juries in spring 2020 will be removed from the academic record and the corresponding requirement for graduation.


Recitals performed before 10 March will be graded. All other recitals are cancelled. Academic Affairs will work with continuing students and department chairs to clarify their requirements and options for rescheduling. For graduating students, the registration for a cancelled recital will be removed from the academic record. However, the transcripts will be annotated to indicate recitals could not be played because of COVID-19.

Pending availability in the halls, Peabody and the Concert Office and the Recording Arts department are committed to work with students in the class of 2020 who were unable to do degree recitals, and would like to do so, to identify a time in one of our halls which will work for all parties for high quality performance recordings and/or recitals as desired. Because it is unclear when the building will reopen, we will extend this opportunity through August 15, 2021 with the following exceptions: November and December 2020, and March through May 2021, given the high concentration of student recitals during these timeframes.

Other Registration Issues

  • The last day to Withdraw (W) from a class will be extended to 17 April.
  • Registration for fall classes begins on 20 April as scheduled.
  • The deadline for students returning from Leave of Absence remains 15 April.
  • Final exams will take place between 12 May and 15 May as scheduled.
  • Final grades are due on 15 May.