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Peabody peer advisers are academic leaders who work closely with Peabody Advising and the Office of Academic Affairs to enhance the student experience. Through programs and one-on-one conversations, peer advisors raise awareness of academic policies, processes, and opportunities; help students understand how to access resources; and promote engagement in academic life and the Peabody community.

Peer advisers are in good academic standing and are selected for their commitment to helping fellow students, adherence to academic integrity and policies, and inclusion.  Peer advisers are dedicated to maintaining discretion.

When should I talk with a peer adviser?

A great time to talk with a peer adviser can be when you want to know, from a student’s perspective, more about

  • utilizing tutoring or other Peabody resources
  • taking classes at the Homewood campus
  • accessing academic information
  • understanding your program of study
  • balancing a busy Peabody schedule

To connect with a peer adviser, email directly one of the students below or meet them during advertised office hours.

Meet the Peabody Peer Advisers

Maxim Brekhman

Sophomore, BM Composition
Studio Teacher: Felipe De Souza Lara
Hometown: Livingston, New Jersey
Favorite thing about Peabody: The humanities professors also have an extensive background in music and dance!
Fun Fact: I love to fence; I go to tournaments with fencers from around the world and participate in intensive training summer camps around Europe.

Carolyn Dzul

Sophomore, BM Saxophone Performance & Recording Arts and Sciences
Studio Teacher: Gary Louie
Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite thing about Peabody: Attending Masterclasses from Faculty and guest artists
Fun fact: I love to bake with my little brothers.

Ben Guan

Sophomore, BM Computer Music
Studio Teacher: Wendel Patrick
Hometown: Shenzhen, China
Favorite thing about Peabody: I love how the professors are so accessible and actually care about my life.
Fun fact: I wore pajamas under a suit to my first Peabody Formal

Rush Johnston

Junior, BFA Dance
Hometown: York, South Carolina
Favorite thing about Peabody: The amazing community and opportunities to collaborate with artists in different majors.
Fun fact: I have a pet leopard tortoise named Tortellini!

Alexandria Zallo

Senior, BM Voice Performance
Studio Teacher: Elizabeth Futral
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Favorite thing about Peabody: I love how Peabody is such a tight knit community. Everyone really cares about each other which leads us to so many amazing collaborations!
Fun Fact: I LOVE One Direction.