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Students who are experiencing difficulty should first consult with the teacher or graduate assistant. If more assistance is required, students can request tutoring in one of three areas:

  1. Subject Areas
  2. Undergraduate Humanities Writing
  3. All Other Writing

Subject Areas

Students who need help with the subject matter of courses in Music Theory (including Ear-training and Keyboard Studies), Musicology and foreign language should apply for a subject area tutor:

Subject Area Tutor Link

Undergraduate Humanities Writing

Students enrolled in the undergraduate Humanities classes, including Critical Writing Intensive and Core I-IV should contact one of the Humanities Graduate Assistants.

Ben Kapilow

Christina Manceor 

All Other Writing

The Peabody Tutoring Center has a number of trained writing tutors available to provide peer-based assistance for undergraduate and graduate students for writing projects in Music Theory, Musicology, and Repertoire Studies classes for 2016-2017. More information about the Tutoring Center may be found here:

Peabody Tutoring Center