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How can I have my SIS Account Holds removed?

If there are any additional holds in the Alerts area of the Student Information System (SIS), please address these issues immediately. If you have holds on your account you may not be able to register for classes, add or drop classes, or move in to on-campus Residence Halls. Each hold should have an office and a contact person to reach should you have any further questions.

I have a Health Form Hold on my SIS Account? How can it be removed?

Please follow the three-step process found here. Any questions or concerns regarding Health Forms should contact Stephanie Bryant in the Student Health and Wellness Center at (410) 516-8272 or via email at

I completed Online Orientation, but I still have an Orientation Hold on SIS. When will it be removed?

Orientation Holds will remain on SIS until students arrive on campus. There are a number of in-person orientation sessions students must complete before the hold is lifted.


I am living on campus. When can I move in?

Monday August 21st: Check-in and Residence Hall move-in for all first year international students and Peabody Learning Center Residents

Tuesday. August 22nd: Check-in and Residence Hall move-in for all first year domestic students

Wednesday, August 23rd: Check-in and Residence Hall move-in for all returning students

When can I register for classes?

Class registration will occur Monday, August 28th and Tuesday, August 29th.

When do I have my placement audition for Large Ensembles?

Large Ensemble Placement Auditions will begin on Thursday, August 24th and will last until Tuesday, August 29th. Assigned dates and times for all students with large ensemble obligations, along with PDF files containing the required orchestral audition excerpts are posted here.

Am I allowed to take classes at the Homewood Campus?

Yes, students are allowed to take classes at the Homewood Campus after their first semester of undergraduate studies.

When is the first day of classes?

Fall semester courses will begin on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

When are breaks?

Midterm Holiday (Friday October 20 – Sunday, October 22): no classes, lessons, or ensembles

Thanksgiving Vacation (Monday, November 20- Sunday, November 26): no classes, lessons, or ensembles.

Mid-year Winter Vacation (Friday, December 15 – Monday, January 15): Residence halls will close, and it is necessary to make travel plans or find a place to stay near campus.

Conservatory Spring Break (Sunday, March 18 – Sunday, March 25): no classes, lessons, or ensembles.

Check out the full academic calendar for more information.

Where can I do laundry on Campus?

Peabody’s Laundry Room is located in the Basement of West Tower. There are six-coin operated washers and dryers available for use 24-hours a day. Although there are no change machines on campus, nearby banks can supply rolls of quarters to support your clothes washing needs. It costs $2.50 for a load of laundry. $1.25 for each machine. You may also use your J-Card to operate the machines.