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Welcome to Overture 2018!

Overture is Peabody’s New Student Orientation program which focuses on facilitating a smooth and successful transition for all first-year undergraduate, transfer, and graduate students. Overture┬áOverture aims to introduce our newest students to meaningful resources and opportunities within the Peabody, Johns Hopkins, and Baltimore communities. Students should be prepared to attend mandatory educational sessions, complete placement testing, register for classes, and begin developing personal and professional connections.

Attendance is required for all first year undergraduate, transfer, and graduate students. This includes current Peabody students who are enrolling in a new degree program.

Orientation Objectives

Excellence: Develop a cohesive understanding of the university’s mission, values, and scholarship.

Interdisciplinary: Introduce university resources and services to support students in achieving excellence academically, personally, and professionally at Peabody and beyond.

Innovation: Define concrete and attainable goals inspiring students to become leaders within the conservatory and their local and global communities.

Community Connectivity: Build a network of faculty, staff, and peers to provide support and mentorship, while challenging students to grow academically, personally, and professionally.

Educational Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop a cohesive understanding of the university’s honor code, the conservatory’s academic expectations, and their degree requirements.
  • Students will be introduced to campus and university resources that emphasize the holistic development of each student as they define attainable goals and strive to achieve excellence.
  • Students will establish a network of faculty, staff, advisors, and peers who challenge and mentor each student to grow academically and as leaders within their communities.
  • Students will understand the course registration process and successfully enroll in academic courses for the fall semester.

2018 Overture and Residential Move-In Dates

Sunday, August 19th: International Student Orientation begins for all first year international students

Sunday, August 19th: Check-in and Residence Hall move-in for all first year international students and Peabody Living Center Residents

Monday, August 20th: Orientation begins for all first year undergraduate and graduate students

Monday, August 20th: Check-in and Residence Hall move-in for all first year domestic students

Monday, August 20th & Tuesday, August 21st: Parent Orientation

Tuesday, August 21st: Check-in and Residence Hall move-in for all returning students


The 2018 Overture and Welcome Week schedules are currently under construction. We invite future students to review the 2017 schedules as a sample for the 2018 schedule. Please note the 2018 schedule will be modified from the 2017 schedule. The master schedule is a complete list of all mandatory sessions and programs for first year students. Click the link below to download the master schedule.

2017 OVERTURE: Peabody’s New Student Orientation Program MASTER┬áSCHEDULE

2017 Welcome Week MASTER SCHEDULE

Overture offers various tracks to cater to individual students’ needs. Download the link below if you are an incoming international student.


Large Ensemble Placement Auditions

Visit the Large Ensemble Placement Auditions web page for information regarding excerpts, times, and requirements. This information will become available summer 2018.

Graduate Students taking upper level diagnostic exams will receive more information from their studio instructors.

This page will be updated periodically as orientation approaches. Please continue to check this site for more information!