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Why Live on Campus?

Research by social scientists has shown that living on campus has many benefits for students and often results in a more successful college experience. On-campus students are more likely to be satisfied with their educational experience, tend to be academically successful, and are more likely to graduate. At Peabody, we find that the first two years of residency allows students to become more familiar with their peers and leads to a smoother transition to life in Baltimore.

Students who live in close proximity to Peabody and wish to live at home should CLICK HERE for more information.

Residence Hall Life

The Peabody Residence Hall consists of two towers connected at the plaza level by the dining hall. Constructed in 1968, the towers have large, fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms which can accommodate 188 students. The Unger Lounge, student mailboxes, and Student Affairs Office Suite are located on the main floor of the East Tower.

Benefits of living on campus include, but are not limited to:

  • 24 hour professional campus security staff;
  • A laundry facility located in the basement of the West Tower;
  • Satellite TVs in each floor lounge; and
  • Microwave ovens on each floor.

Resident students also enjoy convenient access to campus practice rooms, which are open from 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM daily. Residents may practice in their rooms in accordance with the residence hall and floor rules. Internet wire access is available in every residence hall room for a direct computer link to the internet and Wi-Fi access is available in the residence hall floor lounges. The Peabody campus provides a billiard table, ping pong table, foosball table, and an exercise room equipped with a universal weight set, exercise bikes, stair climber, treadmills, and an elliptical machine.

All Peabody campus buildings, including the residence hall, are smoke free environments. Smoking is allowed outdoors only in designated areas. The residence hall is substance and alcohol free. Students over the age of 21 must consume alcohol off campus.

Residence Hall Staff

The Associate Director of Housing, Residence Life, & Summer Conferences is a professional staff member who oversees the operations and activities of the residence hall.

Student Resident Assistants (RAs) are assigned to each floor to serve as peer advisors and community leaders. Each RA receives thorough training and is available to assist new students in the adjustment to on-campus life at Peabody. Additionally, RAs sponsor educational and social programs that provide a variety of enrichment opportunities during the semester. One RA is on duty each night from 7:00 PM until 8:00 AM.

Community Fellows (CFs) are student staff members who live on the floor and work closely with the RA in developing a calendar of community building activities throughout the semester.

Room Assignments

All first year students will be assigned to a double or triple occupancy room. Every effort will be made to de-triple rooms. Any student who remains in a triple space after October 1st of the first semester or February 1st of the second semester and is not in the process of moving will receive a discount, credited to his or her student account. Triple occupancy rooms will be reduced to double occupancy rooms on a space-available basis.

If you are requesting a specific roommate, print his/her name in the “roommate requested” space on the Housing Application. All roommate requests must be mutual; if only one party requests a specific roommate, we may not be able to honor that request. If you do not request a specific roommate, we will use the preferences you listed in your housing application to match you with a roommate and make floor assignments. You, the student, must complete the housing application as candidly and accurately as possible, since room assignments are, generally, based upon the preferences you indicate. Although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your specific housing requests, we will do our best.

Housing Exemptions

The only exception to the 2 year residency requirement for first year undergraduate students is for those students who live with their parent(s) or legal guardian within commuting distance from campus. If this is your situation and you wish to opt for a commuter exemption, you must complete the commuter exemption request located HERE. This form is due no later than June 15, 2017.  Please note that this request is not automatically approved.  Requests will be reviewed on an individual basis.


The Peabody Dining Hall is located between the two residence towers. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are served daily during the week. All-You-Care-To-Eat brunch and dinner are available on Saturday and Sunday. All resident students are required to have a meal plan. Meal Plan 19, which is mandatory for first year students, offers 19 All-You-Care-To-Eat meals per week and $200 dining dollars per semester. Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner are served daily during the week. Brunch and dinner are available on Saturday and Sunday. All meals are available as an all-you-care-to-eat buffet. The dining hall staff works diligently to provide a varied menu and constantly welcomes comments from students to guide its efforts. In addition, special meals can be arranged for students with specific dietary needs.


Rates include fall and spring semester housing and board fees. The costs for room and board are as follows (prices subject to change):


Double Room: $8,912/year – $4,456/semester

Single Room: $10,046/year – $5,023/semester


Plan 19 – Required for all incoming students – $6,470/year – $3,235/semester
19 meals per week (1 meal for every meal period) plus $200 dining dollars per semester

Plan 14 – $6,470/year – $3,235 /semester
14 meals per week (2 meals each day) plus $400 dining dollars per semester

Residential students will be billed for a room and will be required to move in at the beginning of the academic year. If we don’t receive an application, we cannot know your preferences and take these into account when making room assignments.

Residence Hall and Peabody Institute Closings

Peabody’s residence hall provides housing accommodations during the academic year (August through May). The residence hall will close for the winter break and the summer break.

Card access to the Peabody campus will be turned off for the Winter Holiday Break. No student, staff or faculty will be admitted onto campus during this time without special authorization.

Students are advised to plan ahead in regards to residence hall and Peabody Institute Winter Break closing. The Peabody Institute is not responsible for finding housing or transportation for students over academic breaks. Please take this into account when budgeting for the year.

During the Winter Break, students who will continue to live in the residence halls for spring semester may leave their personal items in their current room, and are not expected to move out of the residence halls.

During the summer break periods, students must vacate the residence halls and remove all personal property out of the residence hall room. Peabody does not provide storage for personal items in our facilities.