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The Office of Residence Life helps facilitate learning outside the classroom. In the residence halls students learn, and grow, as productive residents and citizens with opportunities that challenge and support their own personal development. Our staff are here to assist and support this personal growth. We work hard to advise and assist students to take full advantage of a living environment that is exceptionally unique. We utilize programs to build community where you can contribute, express yourself and feel safe. The most successful students are ones who involve themselves in their community.

Our Mission

The Residence Life Office is a team comprised of current students and staff advocating for the Peabody students and serving as resourceful guides to successful campus living.  The mission of the Residence Life Office is to foster a supportive community that embraces individual differences.  Through intentional programming, collaboration with student leaders and staff, and consistent inclusive support, students are empowered to expand their horizons, gain valuable life experiences, and pursue their lifelong personal and professional goals.

Our Staff

The Associate Director of Residence Life is responsible for the overall management of the residence hall.  It is his job to coordinate room assignments and changes, supervise the Graduate Head Resident (GHR) and Resident Assistant (RA) staff, and work to create the best possible environment in the residence hall.  You are encouraged to stop by his office in the Peabody Living Center and visit with questions, ideas, or concerns.

The Graduate Head Resident (GHR) assists the Associate Director of Residence Life with all aspects of Residence Life.  She serves as an on-call staff member for after-hours emergency situations, coordinates the Resident Assistant training, and helps to foster a strong residential community. Additionally, the Graduate Head Resident oversees the Community Fellows, providing support as needed.

Resident Assistants are student staff members who live on each floor and provide front-line support to students in the residence hall.  Providing informal peer advising to residents, planning recreational and educational programming, responding to emergencies, enforcing Peabody Institute policies, and serving as a resource on campus are some of their job responsibilities.

There is one RA on duty each night from 7:00 PM until 8:00 AM, who can be reached at 443-250-7240.  The RA duty schedule will be posted on each RA’s door.

Your RA is the first residence life staff member to contact when you have questions, concerns, or complaints.  If you and the RA cannot resolve the situation, you may contact the Associate Director of Residence Life for additional help and resources.

The Community Fellows live on campus, acting as models for others on the floor to create a healthy and engaging living environment. These good-will ambassadors work in tandem with Resident Assistants to provide social programming for their hall or floor during the academic year. Community Fellows report to the Graduate Head Resident. The Community Fellows collaborate with each other on a monthly basis to create larger scale programming that encourages community amongst Peabody students.

Daniel Pretz

Associate Director of Housing, Residence Life, and Summer Conferences

Erika Grace Anderson

Graduate Head Resident
MM, Voice Performance

Didel Bish

Resident Assistant
GPD, Piano Performance

Sojourner McClure

Resident Assistant
Junior, Guitar Performance

Hannah Staudinger

Resident Assistant
Senior, Oboe Performance

Mari Takeda

Resident Assistant
Junior, Percussion Performance

Gabriel Rioux-Boudreau

Resident Assistant
MM, Double Bass Performance

Molly Wilkens-Reed

Resident Assistant
MM, Viola Performance and Pedagogy

Lorenzo Zapata

Resident Assistant
Junior, Voice Performance