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When we apply for employment, graduate school, and other opportunities, we’re usually interviewed during the application process. To excel at interviews, though, we need specific knowledge and skills.

Peabody Students: Ahead of an interview, study the resources below, and then contact PCS to schedule an advisory session and mock interview.

Brief Interviewing Tips

  • Be prepared to articulate why a job interests you and how it fits your long-term goals.
  • Study an employer’s website, and bring a list of thoughtful questions to your interview – ones that can’t be answered using the information on the website.
  • With teaching jobs, prepare to discuss strategies to recruit students, your objectives as an educator, your teaching methods, and your long-term artistic/scholarly goals.
  • Organize your responses to broad questions by proceeding from the general to the specific; use frameworks to structure the information.
    • For example, when describing why you applied for a higher education teaching position, you might first state that it’s your lifelong aim to pursue a career as an artist-teacher (general); then you might briefly list your artistic and teaching goals (framework); then you could give concise examples of your artistic and educational experiences and aims (specific).
  • Dress appropriately: In advance, select your attire; attend to grooming.
  • An interview entails more that the employer asking questions and the interviewee supplying answers. Ensure that you provide all the info an employer needs to evaluate your candidacy regardless of what questions are asked or the employer’s skill at interviewing.
  • Study online articles such as those below and others that you find by searching.
  • Practice! Organize mock interviews and use a video recorder so that you can evaluate and improve on your interviewing skills.

General Online Resources (selected)

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