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Maintaining and Using Credential Files

When you apply for teaching and other jobs, you submit credentials such as a CV and cover letter. Employers may also ask you to send recommendation letters, transcripts, writing samples, and more.

A credential file service stores and distributes your documents, including confidential ones such as recommendations, so that you don’t have to gather and distribute them yourself each time you apply for a job.

Interfolio.comΒ is the leading provider of credential file services and is the service that Peabody Career Services recommends to Peabody students and alumni. After you open an account with Interfolio, you can upload documents, your recommenders can upload recommendations, schools you attended can upload official transcripts, etc. You pay an annual fee of $19 to maintain your credential file. When you ask Interofolio to send your documents to prospective employers, you typically pay a $6 fee.

Peabody has in the past provided a credential file service for students and alumni, but we ceased accepting new files in 2013, although we maintain previously established files and continue to provide credential file services to a few alumni. We charge users $5 each time we send out their documents, payable by check made out to the Peabody Institute.

Lastly, although credential file services offer convenience, job applicants should tailor their cover letters and CVs to each position that they apply for. Similarly, for jobs that require recommendation letters, it’s often desirable to have customized recommendations sent directly from your references.

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