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The Peabody Institute’s first Wellness Immersion Week in September 2017 included ten hours of workshops and training to prevent, recognize and manage occupational health challenges that may occur in the lives of our students. Playing-related injuries affect 39-91% of musicians over the course of their professional lives, and some studies suggest that up to 80% of student musicians struggle with pain and injury during the course of their degree. These episodes are all too common and keep Peabody’s students from thriving, developing to their full capacity as artists, and, in some cases, completing their academic requirements.

To equip students with information and access to specialized care, Peabody and Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Center for Music and Medicine, are launching the Peabody Clinic for Performing Artists on campus this fall. Wellness Immersion Week was in part designed to acquaint Peabody students, faculty and staff with their services onsite as well as the resources of the JHM/GBMC Voice Center.



All incoming undergraduate and graduate students will be offered voluntary baseline occupational health screenings at no cost. Students will receive a set of recommendations and educational materials on playing- or singing-related health and referrals for consultation, as needed. All screening results are confidential and will be shared with the participant only. Screenings are intended to identify potential issues early in the course of academic study to provide a pathway to further assessment and care when indicated.

  • Screenings for singers will take place at the Johns Hopkins Voice Center at GBMC and will be scheduled during the months of September and October 2017. Singers will be provided with acoustic voiceprint and video-stroboscopic exams.