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Thursday, August 24 through Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Placement audition information for Peabody’s large instrumental and choral ensembles, including PDF files containing the required orchestral excerpts, and assigned audition dates and times for all students with a large ensemble obligation, has now been posted on the pages linked below. These required placement auditions take place during the week before classes begin, and determine each student’s large ensemble assignments. It is particularly important that students not commit to any outside engagements nor make any travel plans before knowing their large ensemble assignments.

Each instrumental group is heard together on one day. It is crucial that each student be heard according to the schedule along with the other members of their instrumental group in order for the panel to make a fair and accurate assessment of their playing, and how they compare with their instrumental peers. Therefore, late auditions are only permitted under the most extraordinary circumstances, and can adversely affect a student’s ensemble placement. Students should not make travel plans which will cause them to miss their assigned audition time.


All instrumental students must submit their Large Ensemble Placement Audition Information Form online BEFORE arriving for their audition.